For the first 14 seasons (1952-1966), the Today Show was broadcasted in black and white on NBC. In 1966, when CBS cancelled The Dick Van Dyke Show, the Today Show began broadcasting in color on NBC.




This intro shows a square (Later changed into a quarter circle in 1998) in the left corner saying "NBC News Today" while a headline would be said. After that it would say the date and then "Rainbow strips" would come in and a huge "Today" would appear.






The intro from 2005-2006 showed the words "TODAY" scrolling around a orange cylinder in the bottem left corner. It also said the headline next to it. Then the announcer said the date and a orange cylinder went around the NBC logo then the today logo. Then it said with "Katie Curric and Matt Laur".


The intro used from 2006 till 2009 used a orange color scheme. It would have the today logo in the left hand corner and the headline next to it. It said the date on the side as "10.10.09". Then show the NBC logo then shift over to the TODAY logo then say the hosts name. This was last used on Monday September 7, 2009.


The intro from 2009 still used today, has a Orange and White color scheme. It says the headlines on a white bar below saying something. Then it shows the date as "October 10, 2010". Then show the NBC logo transforming into the TODAY logo. then says the names on a white bar. This intro was first used on Tuesday September 8, 2009.


All intros from the years below.&nbsp

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